The Best Chinese Kids Shows for Non-Fluent Parents and Kids

Chinese Kids Shows

Looking for the best Chinese kids shows for non-fluent parents and kids? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve included the shows my little one and I love to watch:

  • Bluey
  • Luo Bao Bei
  • Miaomiao’s Chinese For Kids
  • Super Wings
  • Little Fox Chinese


About Bluey

Follows the adventures of a six year old Blue Heeler dog named Bluey. She has a Red Heeler four year old sister, Bingo, Mum named Chilli, and Dad named Bandit. They live in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Why I love Bluey

  • The vocabulary used is practical, relevant and simple since it is about the everyday life of Bluey and her family.
  • The episodes include games the kids can replicate at home. For example, Keepy Uppy involves keeping a balloon in the air and not letting it touch the ground. Featherwand is about a feather wand Bingo uses to make objects heavy, so you can’t pick them up.
  • Each episode revolves around teaching a lesson in a fun way. For example, Bob Bilby is about how screen time is boring and there are so many other fun non-screen things you can do.
  • It includes parenting and adult humour to keep the parents entertained and laughing as much as the kids.
  • Bluey is a high quality animation. From the characters, the sets, the friends, the world, and the music used.
  • It is set in Australia and includes Australian sayings and slang. This is great for Australian kids, who are exposed to a lot of American TV, as well as those interested in learning about Australian life and culture.
  • Each episode is short at about 7 minutes.

Where to watch Bluey

You can watch Bluey in Mandarin for free on ABC iView.

Luo Bao Bei

About Luo Bao Bei

Luo Bao Bei is a happy 7 year old girl with a great imagination. The show centres around her childhood adventures with her friends and animal companions.

Why I love Luo Bao Bei

  • The vocabulary used is practical, relevant and simple since it is about Luo Bao Bei’s childhood adventures.
  • It is a fun animation that uses Pink Bear, Luo Bao Bei’s imaginary friend, to help her solve problems, and shows how Luo Bao Bei is feeling.
  • Comic relief is provided by Mao Mao, Luo Bao Bei’s pet cat, who is self-centred and loves to have fun. Comic relief is also provided by the three birds, who get up to mischief. 
  • Luo Bao Bei is a high quality animation, including characters and the world created, as well as the accompanying music.
  • Each episode is short at about 11 minutes.

Where to watch Luo Bao Bei

You can watch Luo Bao Bei in Mandarin for free on ABC iView.

Miaomiao’s Chinese For Kids


Miaomiao is a four year old Chinese Canadian girl who likes to explore and play with her animal friends. Miaomiao’s Chinese For Kids teaches kids 100 words in Mandarin Chinese (or English). 

Why I love Miaomiao’s Chinese For Kids

  • The vocabulary used is practical, relevant and simple since it focuses on one or a few new words per episode.
  • It is a fun animation centred around Miaomiao and her animal friends – Doudou the dog, Beep Beep the tiny blue bird, Coco the baby moose, Benben the polar bear, and Tantan the cheeky monkey.
  • Miaomiao’s Chinese For Kids is a good quality animation.
  • Great for kids learning their first 100 words in Chinese (or English). Each episode focuses on teaching one or a few new words. If you want more exposure to Chinese, change the language learning mode to English, so the episode audio is mainly in Chinese with the new words spoken in English.
  • Each episode is short at about 2 minutes.

Where to watch Miaomiao’s Chinese For Kids

You can watch Miaomiao’s Chinese For Kids by purchasing the app on Apple or Google Play for about $2.99.

Super Wings

About Super Wings

A happy courier jet, named Jett, delivers packages to children around the world. When he arrives, he helps the children solve their problems with the help of his other plane friends.

What I love Super Wings

  • The vocabulary is conversational at the child level.
  • Jett travels around the world delivering packages. It provides insights to other cultures, some facts about the destinations, and teaches a phrase in the local language.
  • Super Wings is a high quality animation, including characters, sets, music and fun plane transformations.
  • Each episode is short at about 12 minutes.

Where to watch Super Wings

You can watch Super Wings on Netflix with a subscription.

Little Fox Chinese

About Little Fox Chinese

Little Fox Chinese creates fun and educational animated stories and songs for kids. Includes various animations featuring dinosaurs, rabbits, children, squirrels, bears and raccoons.

What I love about Little Fox Chinese

  • A large range of stories to appeal to different kid interests. From dinosaurs, to squirrels, to children.
  • Includes animated stories, as well as catchy and fun songs.
  • Little Fox Chinese uses good quality animation.
  • Each episode is short at about 3 minutes.

Where to watch Little Fox Chinese

You can watch Little Fox Chinese for free on YouTube.

What Chinese Kids Shows do you and your kids like to watch? Please share in the comments below.

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